Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Random - Disco

Just a quick one - I wanted to do this while I remember (and before I become completely unhinged!!!).

Do you remember the old pop song "Disco" by Ottawan (I had to google it to find out who sang it!)...

She is 

D - delirious
I - incredible
S - superficial
C - complicated
O - oh oh oh


For some reason the song's been in my head today but I realised I was making up my own words cos I couldn't remember the proper ones (kindly got those above from Mr Google, he's a very accommodating man). 

Work is stressed and hectic right now and I think my choice of words is a reflection of this (and I'm scared y how well these words fit the tune, its like it was meant to be or something!!:

Sorry for the rubbish graphic, Word's playing up and I don't have the time to play about with it!!

If I get bored with my monthly subway art, I can always substitute this in - might make me laugh while work's such a nightmare (I work in Finance and our end of year madness lasts from now till 31st March - oh the joy!!).

If you'd like to see some more of my (STRANGE) sense of humour (go on have a look, you can always peek from behind your hands...), check out this post. I think I'm hilarious... someone's got to!!! I keep dreaming up these weird statements at random moments, and I NEED to get them turned into works of art... the world will not be complete without my "Could You Give Me a Clue As I Don't Appear To Have One" - this one I should copyright!! or "Chocolate and I Are No Longer Friends" printables.

Told you it was RANDOM...

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