Monday, 27 February 2012

Our Home - Dining Room Progress

I introduced the dire state of our dining room in this post. We lived with this for a few months, even over Christmas as we had major problems with the unit that we had bought - it was the dearest piece of furniture we've ever bought and it was also the most troublesome and for a long time we felt it was the WORST piece of furniture we'd ever bought and wished we'd just gone to Ikea - so much for trying to get a bespoke solution - ick!

Anyway fast forward a few (lot!) weeks and finally the replacement parts for the unit arrive, we get a masterclass in German flat-pack building and ta-da the unit was built. I gave a sneak preview of it in this post.

So finally here is the unit that caused us so much hassle, drama and ruined our Christmas (I didn't even wait to clean it after it was built before taking the photo, I was just so excited it was done!!):

Like I said, we went for a bespoke solution, mainly because of the size of it - each section is a metre wide and its 1.5 metres high. Also the doors slide which is a much easier choice for me rather than negotiating round pull-open doors in a limited space (when the table and chairs are back in place).

The unit is the Mega-Design from Hulsta. The carcass and the shelves & drawers have a lacquered finish in Sand (I call it Kelly Hoppen taupe), the backboards are a walnut veneer and the the doors are glass, again in Sand. I love that it goes so well with our existing decor (apart from the yellow pine picture rail - the yellow pine in our home is the cause of an ongoing battle between Hubs and I - he likes it and wants to keep it, I hate it and want rid!).

We wanted a combination of decorative open shelving plus closed storage so that the not so pretty stuff we needed a home for wasn't out on permanent display, turning the dining room into an eyesore.

The section on the left is for Hubs. He uses the dining room as his office and needed a home for all his papers and archery equipment (our bows live under our bed!):

The drawers are a handy addition to keep smaller items neat and tidy:

The middle section has a small closed cabinet that we use for our delicate wedding china:

The right section is for additional crockery and glass storage - we decided when we did the kitchen remodel that we didn't want to keep all our dishes in there - space was precious in the kitchen and every inch counted for useful and often used storage, so there was no room for occasionally used items:

I know I'm a bit sad, but I do love my organised glasses shelf:

We also have a couple of drawers in this section, for candles, table mats, napkins etc:

When we had finished filling the unit (from 5 massive containers) we were shocked by how much space we still had. Given the amount of boxes we had to empty we were so concerned there wouldn't be enough room but we couldn't have been more wrong. We even have an empty drawer!

We're off on a shopping trip at the weekend to get some decor items - here's what I'm planning:

                             Handkerchief Vase - x 2 for the bottom shelf of the middle section of the Hulsta unit  Handkerchief Bowl - x 2 for the top shelf of the middle section of the Hulsta unit
                                 Handkerchief Vase           Handkerchief Bowl

However, knowing me I'll come home with something completely different.

They are to go with the items already bought and at home in the unit (which were not the items I had set out to buy on the day!):

Wire Swirl Bowl   Lustre Peony
           Wire Swirl Bowl                               Lustre Peony

                               Nassjo Jumbo Tealight Holder
                                       Nassjo Candle Holder

We also have to get a new table and chair, new light fitting, lamp and curtains - but I have lots of ideas (and I love that I can pin all these ideas onto the wonder that is Pinterest:

Jena Pendant Light - for above the dining tablePoppy Print Eyelet Curtains in Linen      

Tripod Floorlamp with different shade (matches Table Lamp for bedroom). Would also be nice in the Dining Room - I like it too much!!        Layla Shade

Stornas TableChairs for the Dining Room


Kriistin Ceiling LightPaperflowers Fabric in Pool

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