Friday, 10 February 2012

Random - Harry Hound

10th February - Sweet

I had originally thought to take a foody photo for this one, but when I was getting my boots out of the wardrobe for yesterday's photo post, I spied this guy on the top shelf:

His name's Harry (you can tell cos it says it on his dog tag!) and I've had him since I was teeny tiny. When we started the clearout for redecorating the bedroom we found him languishing in the depths of the wardrobe with a pile of rubbish. Hubs reckoned we should get rid of him but he's got sentimental value you know and I just couldn't do it... so I told Hubs he had to.

We got caught up with the decorating project and to be honest I forgot about poor Harry (I do care about him really), so imagine my surprise when I opened the newly organised wardrobe and who was sitting on my top shelf!?!? - you guessed it.

Made me laugh so much but also it was such a sweet thing for the Hubs to do - love that man! Funny thing is I can't actually reach the shelf to move Harry (and since me going up a ladder is not an option!) so looks like the wee man's found himself a new home.

You can't really tell from the photo but apart from a cushion and Harry, that shelf is now totally empty - told you I love organising and when I get my organising mojo on there is just no stopping me - plus I am learning the art of purging and decluttering... except when it comes to Harry of course!!

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