Monday, 20 February 2012

Organising - Sometimes You Can Have Too Much Organisation

I actually can't believe I've created a post with this title!! 

But its true, we had a complete organisational failure. 

I've mentioned previously about recycling items such as packaging to use them as storage containers. Well  we have a pretty purple box with a damask pattern that originally contained chocolates and I had the idea to use it to store important documents such as passports, driving licences etc. The size of it means it tucks into a space between the top of my desk drawers and the desk itself - so its nice and handy but I didn't think it would occur to anyone that it contains such important information.

Then I had a bit of panic thinking that these documents really needed to be stored somewhere more safe and secure, so I decided to use a mini divided plastic envelope to store them, which could then be locked away in our filing cabinet.

So I sorted all the documents out and duly organised them into the envelope system and it got filed away.

Then we decided to replace the old filing cabinet in the study so cleared the cabinet out ready for it being recycled... but we had a change of heart when we struggled to find a suitable alternative (that wasn't too expensive!). As I've mentioned in this post, the filing sat in on the chair in the study for what seemed like months... and somehow the envelope with all the important documents got lost!!

We didn't realise this until Hubs urgently needed his driving licence for work - oops! We turned the house upside down, had a huge fallout about my rubbish organisation systems (ouch!) and finally uncovered the envelope - stupidly I had completely forgotten that I'd created this new system and couldn't understand why the chocolate box was empty!!


We've gone back to the old system and the chocolate box is back in its rightful place on the drawer unit. Morale of the story, don't fix what isn't broken, don't reorganise something just for the sake of it and most importantly of all, when you do reorganise something, try to remember what you've actually done!!

Have you had any organisational failures? Or have you like me completely forgotten that you'd reorganised something?

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