Sunday, 5 February 2012

Random - Morning Coffee

5th February - 10am

I work from home, so any weekday, 10am would look like this:

However, as its Sunday today I was still asleep when 10am rolled around so I completely missed out on taking my photo for the day! I decided just to recreate a normal 10am instead...

I work a flexible day - I can start any time from 7am and can work any time till 7pm. I normally start work between 7 and 8 depending when I can get myself out of bed (I refuse to set an alarm!) and finish between 3 and 4 which is my standard hours. I do have flexibility to work more or less if I want to within certain maximum credit and debit limits for my hours. I can then use any extra hours I have as flexi leave for a day off without having to use up my annual leave entitlement. Its a good system.

But I've digressed a bit. We have an informal break scheduled into our working day in addition to the lunch break and most people are in the habit of taking this break either at 10am or 3pm. As I work earlier I take the 10am break.

When I first started working from home I didn't have the break and just stopped for lunch. Something about there being a stigma and perception that if you're at home you have to always be accountable and working. But I realised pretty quickly that I do need to take the break and get away from my desk.

I don't venture far, just to the kitchen, where I usually have milky coffee (made totally with milk no water yum) and a bowl of porridge as I don't like to eat breakfast when I first get up.

I don't like the distraction of music or TV when I'm working but on my break I'll usually put the iPod on - Michael Buble is a current favourite and Darren Hayes is a perennial favourite.

So that's 10am (except on a Sunday when you sleep-in!).

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