Thursday, 2 February 2012

Organising - DVDs & "Current" Books

You would be forgiven for thinking, given the state of my house shown in recent posts, that my life is lived in complete chaos, but there are actually small areas where I am pretty organised. Take this for example:

We have a built-in wardrobe in our main bedroom and I recently had such a mahoosive clear out of junk in it and clothes organisation that I actually ended up with an empty shelf. I originally stored my CAT boots on it but have moved them to a higher shelf as I don't change them out every single day so I don't need them that close to hand. So that left me thinking what to put on the empty shelf. Its had various incarnations, including perfumes/makeup, scarves and jewellery, but as I'm working on dressing table/armoire idea for all that sort of stuff it just wasn't working for me as I couldn't get all of these items together in that shelf (trust me I'm going to need a big unit for that!). 

Then, looking around my bedroom I spied a stack of books on my bedside table - the ones that I'm currently reading or going to be soon (I usually have a few books on the go at once so I can choose from a selection of bedtime reading depending on my mood at night).

So I decided that I'd put the stack into the shelf out of the way, not messing up the bedside cabinet but not away in the den where our bookcases are (and which are completely inaccessible due to the junk in the den just now) where its a hassle to go and collect them. 

So far, so good, but the shelf was only partially filled. Its quite a deep shelf, so I put some boxes of girly stuff that I don't use that often at the back of the shelves while I'm still working on the dressing table/armoire idea.

Then separately I hit on the idea (from Jen at iheartorganizing, great site full of fabulous organising ideas) of taking all our DVDs out of their boxes and storing them in some sort of container that would corrall them without the bulky packaging. I took to Amazon and found this CD Storage Box which stores 96 CD/DVDs, more than enough for my needs. This freed up a whole drawer in a unit in our living room (which is still empty!!) as we then moved the boxes up into our loft out of the way. 

This still left me with where to put the box and I realised that mostly I watch DVDs on the laptop when I'm lazing in the bedroom as Hubs isn't really a movie watcher so we don't tend to do movie nights in the living room (we've tried and he usually just falls asleep!!) and most of the DVDs are my girly ones. So I decided to put the box on the shelf in the bedroom, nice and handy when I fancy a movie if there's nothing on TV and watching on the laptop means Hubs won't moan that I'm watching Mamma Mia for the 100th time!

I love when we (well there of course you know I mean "I") create an organised system in the house and when something has a "place" - I really do believe in "a place for everything and everything in its place" - you'll probably see that as a recurring them.. 

So there you have, a little glimpse of organisation in amongst the chaos.

BTW, the gold book on the bottom of the stack is "The Goddess Experience" by Gisela Scanlan - its full of great info and tips from travel, to beauty to home and I read and refer to it so much.

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