Friday, 3 February 2012

Random - Photos

I decided to join in with a photo-a-day challenge I'd seen online, not for any other purpose than I'm finding photographs are prompting my thoughts about blog posts. If you have a photo it seems to be easier to find the words to support it rather than coming up with the words and then taking a photo to support them.

I'm a couple of days behind with posting these but at least I did remember to take the photos!

1st February - Your View Today:

I work from home, so this is the view from my desk in the study through the conservatory to the garden. We get the morning sun this side of the house, and it was a lovely day on Wednesday here, cold but bright.

2nd February - Words:

This is my favourite book EVER "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" by Richard Bach. I got it as an 18th birthday present and still read it and love it. I has so many layers and levels, its very clever and subtle - LOVE IT!

3rd February - Hands:

This is the work area in our kitchen. On the wall, what looks like a giant silver clock is actually a cover for a radiator. Because we had to squeeze in so many units we ran out of space for a radiator so decided to hang it on the wall and make a feature of it. Originally it was going to have a glass panel on the front with a Scottish landscape printed onto the glass but the cost of this was just too scarey so this was our compromise. Its only partly installed - I didn't realise but it needs a clean!. 

In case you're wondering - I decided to think laterally today and not just take a picture of my hands - I took a picture of clock hands instead (am I a genius or what?!).

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