Thursday, 9 February 2012

Random - Favourite Things Part One

I saw a post by Little Lucy Lu (here) about favourite things and thought it was a nice idea, so here's my list:

1. Favourite Season: Autumn (my birthday, Halloween, Bonfire Night, cosied up on the settee with a good book, a snuggly blanket and hot chocolate - need I say more!).
2. Favourite Juice: Irn Bru!
3. Favourite Sweets: Dolly Mixtures (candy) and Caramac (chocolate)
4. Favourite Animal: Chocolate Labradors (I want one!)
5. Favourite Movie: Coyote Ugly (girly fun) and Memoirs of a Geisha (dark and philosophical)
6. Favourite Band: Savage Garden and Texas
7. Favourite Breakfast: French Toast, Crispy Bacon & Italian Salad Dressing and Pancakes with Kiwi & Apple Jam (we get this at a local cafe, I get the pancakes, hubs gets the french toast, then we split so we have a savoury and a sweet brekkie item).
8. Favourite TV Show: Come Dine With Me
9. Favourite Holiday Destination: Ireland (European) and Canada (Long-Haul)
10. Favourite Veggie: Tenderstem Broccolli
11. Favourite Sport: Archery (Summer) and Curling (Winter)
12. Favourite Restaurant: local
13. Favourite Flower: Orchids
14. Favourite Disney Movie: Haven't watched any!
15: Favourite Joke: A young couple find out they're pregnant with identical twin boys Juan and Amal but they are too young to cope with the responsibility so they give them up for adoption. Years later they are still together and decide they want to find their boys. Juan agrees to meet with them but Amal refuses and the mother is heartbroken by this. Trying to console his distraught wife, the father says "But darling, once you've Juan, you've seen Amal..." Its long but I think worth the wait!
16. Favourite Comfort Food: Apple Crumble and Custard.
17. Favourite Cereal: Cheerios
18. Favourite Footwear: CATs.
19. Favourite Makeup: Laura Mercier when I can afford it!
20. Favourite iPhone App: don't have an iPhone!
21. Favourite Game: Trivial Pursuit
22. Favourite Cartoon: Garfield
23. Favourite Talk Show: Ellen
24. Favourite Fast Food: Fish and Chips
25. Favourite Thing in the Whole Wide World: Hubs

You'll notice in a lot of cases I have a hard time making one choice! A lot of my decision making about what I like and don't like is situational and depends on my mood. For example, if I want an escapist movie I love Coyote Ugly, its a bit of fluff and fun, but I also love the atmospheric darkness and the story of Memoirs of a Geisha, so if I'm in a philosophical, thoughtful mood, then that suits me better. 

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