Thursday, 1 March 2012

Random - Favourite Things Part 2

After the last post I did on favourite things I did a bit of rooting around on t'internet and found some more favourites ideas. I know I said I wanted to cut down on the randomness, but its also nice to share a bit about me:

1. Favourite Colour: Plum (not purple which is blue-toned, but plum which is red-toned - not that I'm being pedantic or anything!)
2. Favourite Pasttime: Reading and more recently injecting some love back into our sadly neglected home
3. Favourite Music: Mellow Pop
4. Favourite Author: Jodi Picoult and Paulo Coelho
5. Favourite Place To Be: Home
6. Favourite Colour Eyes: Hazel (mine)
7. Favourite School Subject: English
8. Favourite Dessert: Anything with toffee and peaches/crumble and custard
9. Favourite Room: New Kitchen (but I'm starting to love the others again as we're making progress with them)
10. Favourite Car: Mercedes
11. Favourite Job: Dream job would be to own my own emporium - part florist, part bookshop, part coffee   shop, part jewellery & gift shop
12. Favourite Day: Saturday
13. Favourite Food: Spaghetti Bolognese
14. Favourite Tree: Cherry
15. Favourite Store: Any bookshop
16. Favourite Shape: Heart
17. Favourite City: Glasgow
18. Favourite Blog: Chez Larsson
19. Favourite Perfume: Chanel Allure
20. Favourite Type of Weather: Summer Rain
21. Favourite Magazine: Living etc
22. Favourite Pizza Topping: Veggies and Peaches
23. Favourite Time of Day: weekend mornings when you wake up and realise you don't have to go to work - yay!
24. Favourite Foreign Language: Japanese
25. Favourite Natural Wonder: Pretty much the whole of Iceland! 

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