Monday, 13 February 2012

Random - Duh...

Seems I may not have got the hang of this blogging thing after all. We had a SERIOUSLY productive weekend on the organising front. Major progress made in the dining room and in the study and 4 huge boxes cleared out of the den so some progress there too. 

So what's wrong with that - well I keep forgetting to take PROGRESS pictures. I remember to take pictures when its all lovely and sorted but not during the actual process of getting it to that stage.

I was also really bad before about taking any kind of photos so there is a distinct lack of before pictures (or before the befores I've already posted if you know what I mean) - i.e. what the house looked like before the chaos descended and it was just a normal ordinary functioning home.

So I've got lots of posts to show you the progress we've made and how things are looking much better, but I apologise in advance if the journey is not as well documented as it could have been.

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