Friday, 17 February 2012

Organising - Study Desk Drawers (Parts 3 & 4)

The third drawer in my desk is used for storing more stationery items and IT-related instruction manuals plus the cordless keyboard and mouse for my laptop and a spare power adaptor. As I mentioned previously, I don't like the study to look too much like an office and I like a clear desk when I'm not working at it (and I hate black, but that's another story!) so I store the keyboard and mouse away when they're not in use.

The storage containers you can see at the bottom of the picture are the containers that we get from our local Chinese takeaway - they're a really handy size and you can't do better than free so I don't like to throw them out!

They contain:
  • Spare notebooks (I'm beginning to think I have an addiction to notebooks!);
  • Spare pens and highlighters;
  • Spare sellotape, tippex, blu-tac etc;
  • Origami papers;
  • Cards I use with my daily meditation/affirmation books;
  • Labels and bookmarks.
Underneath the keyboard I have a couple of A5 storage boxes that I use for IT-related  instruction manuals and to hold mini maps and travel guides.

I haven't taken a photo of the final drawer - its the bottom drawer and I can't reach it to open it! All it has in it is a spare laptop docking station, a folder with writing paper/envelopes and some empty boxes I'm keeping till I have a purpose for them.

I am restricted a bit in not being able to reach too high or bend too low so I have to pack in as much storage to the accessible places as possible and I try not to keep too much unnecessary stuff (with the exception of notebooks that I can't seem to stop buying!).

I hope you found something useful in these posts about my desk drawers that you might be able to implement in your own drawers.

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