Friday, 3 February 2012

Decor - Meet Bertie

I am planning to do an epic series of posts about the kitchen as its the area of the house I'm most proud of in terms of organisation. I want to show as much detail as possible and explain our choices and why it works so well for us now.

We spent a lot of time and effort (and money!) to make sure that the kitchen was organised to work as effectively as possible for me, given that working in the kitchen had become such a nightmare for me since I'd been in the wheelchair and my constant calls of "could you get that for me", "I can't reach", "Would you mind just" etc, etc, etc finally became unbearable and we'd saved enough to really go all out and get the best we could afford so that everything was totally customised and bespoke.

In the meantime I thought I'd introduce you to Bertie who lives in the kitchen on top of our larder unit.

He's a garden ornament from B&Q but when we got him he was a strange distressed matt grey colour which we didn't like too much, so we spray-painted him a more mellow silver which coordinates with the kitchen decor.

He needs a new friend on top of the units, we have a vase up there too in the corner:

but I'm not convinced (and my Mum say its like having a full moon glowing in our house!) so I'm still searching - he seems pretty chilled out in the meantime though.

In case you're interested, I have a board on Pinterest where I've posted loads of info about the products in our kitchen.

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