Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Random - Cute as a Button

7th February - Button

I was struggling with this one, to come with anything that was remotely interesting - I don't have a cute button collection, all the buttons on my shirt are of the functional rather than pretty variety so I was a bit stumped.

Then duh, I picked up my bag and what little specimen of loveliness should I behold but this:

Its a keyring and its hangs on my bag all the time, so I see it every single day! and I forgot all about its existence, poor thing.

I got it in gift shop in Glasgow, I think its japanese but can't remember the make of it sorry, but its cute huh. I'm going through a huge plum/pink phase with my clothes/accessories - Kipling Puck bag in Cassis from a couple of seasons ago and my pink button to continue my theme.

I was worried I wouldn't come up with a pic for today, so yay!

Its also got me thinking I should do a "What's in my Bag" post sometime - watch this space!

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