Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Arts & Crafts - Wallpaper Art

This is one of those projects where I got all carried away to get it done and didn't take any progress photos!!

I am trying to sort that out and keep my camera handy when there are going to be any art, craft, organising or decorating activities going on!

So, when we were clearing out the Den I came across an old silver picture frame that originally been in the kitchen pre-remodel as well as some leftover wallpaper from the mini make-over of the study (I'd got loads of samples when I was determined that the mini-makeover was actually going to be a major makeover!).

I'm not particularly creative or artistic but I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to have a go at some upcycling and DIY art (and take a break from all that organising!).

I used a neutral paper with a subtle ribbed effect as the background. One of the wallpapers had an ethnic medallion style pattern so I cut one of the medallions out and cut it in half. Another paper was a paisley pattern so I cut out a few of the motifs. I had got our initials in a trip to the DIY store (again with no purpose in mind for them I just liked them), so I stuck mine onto the frame (I'd lost Hubs' one oops!). Then it was just a case of playing around with the placement till I got an arrangement that I liked.

I'm pretty pleased with the end result.

I put it onto the chair to take a photo of it and have decided to leave it on there - its a bit random to have a picture on a chair but hey ho. The chair sits in a corner of the room opposite the door because I don't need to have a chair myself at the desk and its just for the odd occasion Hubs might use the study.

For ages the chair has been piled with filing which finally also got sorted out in what I'm calling the great purge. I had been debating whether to move the chair out of the room completely given that its so rarely used (and I have to move it when I want to print something) but with the print laid on it the chair actually looks purposeful and quite cute. So its had a reprieve and staying for now.

I am finding the achievement of even these small projects so satisfying!

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