Thursday, 16 February 2012

Organising - CDs

We have a couple of CD racks in the study:

and as part of the great study organising project this weekend, I organised our CDs so that they are now alphabetised - yes I am officially that sad!

I didn't categorise them as I knew I'd have too hard a time trying to remember what category something was in, so they're just sorted according to the group name or singer's surname. I put groups beginning with "The" in the Ts - I'm sure that's frowned upon by the alphabetisation gods and it should be sorted by the word after "The", but I won't remember that when looking for a CD and would be convinced my CDs were lost when I couldn't find them in the Ts.

I'm in the process of adding my CDs to iTunes, so at some point I will put the CD boxes into the loft with the DVD boxes and store the CDs using the same system as for the DVDs.

I've also created a worksheet in Mission Control to list all the CDs that we have, for reference.

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