Saturday, 11 February 2012

Organising - Wardrobe

I quickly wanted to share my wardrobe with you, as it will be getting cleared out soon for repainting, so it might be a while before its this organised again!! BTW it is an tiny as it looks! We don't have the luxury of walk-in wardrobes sadly.

A quick run-down:

Top Left - Boots.
Middle Left - Books/DVDs see this post.
Drawers Left - tops, trousers, underwear, pyjamas, winter scarves etc and hair styling equipment.
Top Left - Knitting Bag and a couple of containers for random stuff pus a weekend bag.
Hanging Space - organised by evening/daytime/weekend on the left with jackets/dressy stuff on the right and also to an extent colour coded (it might all look the same colour but its really not!). On the far left I have all my pashminas on hangers.
Bottom Left - smal suitcase and costume jewellery.

We keep our bulky winter coats hanging in the hall cupboard. I've also infiltrated the wardrobe in the study, with stuff that no longer fits me or is practical now that I'm the wheelchair, but I haven't been able to bring myself to part with them yet - I have to get over my sentimental attachment!

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