Sunday, 19 February 2012

Our Home - Making Progress

I thought it would be nice to do a visual update on the progress that's been made in the time since I posted the "before" state of our home.

In the bedroom, we had completed the decoration project but things had stalled at that point:

We're still living with the ladders, paint etc. The plastering to repair the ceiling in the wardrobe is finished but we had to wait for it to be painted. I did clear some of the stuff from the drawers, but we've not yet had a chance to get to the framers, or for a carpet or furniture or to repurpose the lights... lots still to do!

The Den has been a dumping ground for rubbish removed from other rooms which re-organisation or redecoration projects have been ongoing:

It may not look like much has changed but we did managed to move out 4 huge boxes of stuff that found their new home in the Dining Room since the storage unit in there was built (see below). Progress in this room is going to be slow until we complete the other projects, but we do have big plans!

In the dining room, we had been having problems with a unit that we'd bought and not realised that we had to build ourselves - German engineering had us stumped and some of the sections were damaged and we had to wait 12 weeks to get replacements!!

We finally resolved all the problems and the unit is now built! 

We still have to source some ornaments for the unit and order new curtains, a table & chairs and a new light fitting, but its so nice to not be living with the nightmare that was that unit!! Major progress here!!

In the kitchen we had an area of worktop beside our back door that seemed to constantly be a dumping ground for rubbish:

We're making a conscious effort at keeping this area tidy as it lets down the rest of the kitchen. I still have to decide what I'm going to do with the 2 microwaves we have (I don't think we need 1 each!).

The study was reasonably well sorted following its mini-makeover with just a few things to be sorted out:

It was then a case of one step forward and one step back to gets things back on an even organisational keel and I blogged about the progress of this here, here, here, here, here and here (oops I hadn't realised how carried away I had got with the study updates!

Now the study is almost in its finished "after" state and I am very happy with it!!

The other rooms in the House - Before post haven't featured here as they haven't had our attention - YET!


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