Friday, 2 March 2012

Our Home - Yet Another Study Update...

But I promise it will be a quick one!

It's obviously March now, so I've changed my Subway Art for the St. Patty's theme:

I also finally got round to finishing putting the paisley wallpaper into the frames for the left side of my desk. I had started them ages ago, then I lost interest - i.e. the will to live - (because the clips on the frames all broke!) for a while, but the frames and wallpaper lying on the floor beside my desk finally bugged me enough to do something about them (also the fact that I have to look at white dots on the wall which are the remains of holes from invisible shelves that were a complete disaster and had to be taken down):

The eagle eyed among you may notice that the middle and bottom are mirrors of each other and that the top one's different - spot the deliberate mistake, I framed them up wrong - the middle one's supposed to be up on the top/top one in the middle and I can't just swap them round because it knocks them out of alignment, so after all my hard work, I have to sort it AGAIN! Duh.

Here's the before and after:

I still have to get a noticeboard and some fabric to cover it for the bare bit on the left side of the desk (and cover up more of the holes!). 

Oh and in the after pic, note the desk has been in use - laptop/phone, just in case you were thinking I kept it pristine and unused all the time lol. Also a shout-out to my trusty PA Monkey (keeping tabs on me from his perch on the monitor!).

Peeking out from between my desk and the drawer unit (on the right hand side), you can just see Mission Control aka my household binder. I've made progress on a part of that (Planner/To Dos) and a posts on this is coming soon!!

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