Monday, 5 March 2012

Our Home - Painting the Bedroom Cupboard

DIY progress round these parts has been grinding to a halt lately - we're both working 12 hour days and often weekends too, so no time for any serious projects to get our attention.

We achieved ZERO this weekend, but last weekend we did manage to clear out Hubs side of the wardrobe and get it painted after the repairs to the ceiling had been and replastered:

We kept it pretty simple - plain white, I know boring. We did debate grey for a while, but we had the white paint and limited time available so white it is. I've seen some pretty wardrobe/larder makeovers with stripes/stencil and I've been feeling some cupboard envy, but Hubs won't buy into it - his mantra is "its just a wardrobe"... (I had the same problem with him and the Den "its just a spare room" - I wore him down eventually but he won the "its just a wardrobe" argument, he wore me out before I wore him down!!

My side's next and I'm dreading it - the wardrobe's set up perfect for me to access everything I need and when it gets cleared out, everything's just going to be dumped where there's space in the Den - scarey. But at least Hubs did the sensible thing and waited till his side was all finished before even emptying mine - fortuitous as he's not had the time to move his stuff back since he finished the painting, let alone think about painting on my side...

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