Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Organising - Bedside Drawer

The drawer in my bedside cabinet holds skincare, medicine and beauty stuff I use on a regular basis. It's tidy and well organised. It follows a few of my golden rules of storage - rectangular containers, containers fit the space and not leaving products loose in the drawers to roll around and get messy.

Sadly that's about as exciting as my bedside drawer gets - its definitely a case of function over form and it is DULL, DULL, DULL and could never in any way be described as pretty.

To give you a quick rundown from front to back:

Deos and Perfumes, plus on the right a little box of just stuff and a notebook/pens. One of my quirks - I don't need 2 deos but I like the look of 2 better than 1. Oh and it annoys me that 3 perfumes fit in the space and not 2 or 4!!

Moisturisers (Day and Night) - I've a couple of types I switch out depending on how my skins's behaving) and Lip Balms.
Medication (all the pots with the writing on the top) - I realised that the pots are not labelled - a sign of an inkling of OCD? as the pots are all in order from right to left (I sleep to the right of the drawer) of when I first have to take them during the day, so closest to the right I take first. When I take them they always go back in the same place, so I never really felt the need to label them. That plus, call me weird, but when I pick them up they all rattle different, so I know which tablets are which (OK I am officially weird!!).
Back Left Box - miscellany (word?!) of skincare, potions and lotions and aromatherapy stuff.
Back Right Box - other skincare - serums, oils and handcreams (plus in the bottom left corner EARPLUGS - a necessity when you're married to a chronic snorer who could give jet engines a run for their money in the noise stakes!!).

It works brilliantly from a practical point of view as everything I need is close to hand but I've been racking my brains to come up with something to make it just even a little bit prettier. Of course I love that its organised, but I like things to look nice too and at the moment the mess of bottles and tubes just irritates me!!

Work in progress...

How do you solve the dilemma between practical and pretty?

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