Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Blogging - Welcome to Ginger Organising

My Blog Take 3...

I used to have a blog called The Shuggington Post  - I thought I'd come up with a quirky name, but it never felt right, it wasn't "me" - didn't say anything about what I or the blog were about and I just couldn't get motivated to post on a regular basis or have any desire to share with the blog world - I had a couple of goes at it last year and at the start of the New Year but struggled each time.

I realised I needed a blog makeover. So I've been brainstorming a new name and Ginger Organising is the result. I think it feels better - but I'm still getting used to it, so fingers crossed.

I knew that organisation had to be in there somewhere as its pretty much what I'm all about - life just has to be organised or I don't function or feel right.

Ginger is two part - I'm a loud and proud redhead, loving my celtic colouring and heritage and its also the nickname for my total obsession - Irn Bru. Here in Scotland, fizzy pop is colloquially known as Ginger - mainly referring to the toxic orange loveliness of my beloved Irn Bru, but applies equally to any fizzy juice.

So Ginger Organising it is... wish me luck 3rd time of asking Blogland!

I'm not sure about blogging etiquette, but I've taken the few posts from my original blog and reposted them with a few tweaks. Hopefully that doesn't upset the Gods of Blogland too much but I didn't want to lose the posts as they're all relevant to the organisational journey we are undertaking in the chaos of our home.

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